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Jobsites Review Self Powered Mitre Saws

One of the lifelong challenges to working on construction sites is getting power where you need it. Power tools are critical elements of worker’s productivity, yet we’re still in a position where we need to find a long extension cable, portable generator or other clever solution to plugging in, until now that is!

As reported by industry website, the DeWalt Flexvolt aims to make these problems a thing of the past with their combined table and mitre saw unit launch, powered by a single battery. If you’re a fan of DeWalt’s products, you’ll know that they all work well together, so for example, you can use the same batteries throughout much of their range, whether it’s a DWS780 chop saw to continue the wood cutting theme. In the case of the Flexvolt, it’s a 60V battery, significantly more powerful than most products in DeWalt’s catalogue, but you will not be surprised to hear, given the nature of this new monster of a unit. If you need to read up a little more about the power of these machines, there’s plenty of detail on this mitre saw reviews website at

According to Popular Mechanics, this is actually so much of a significant development in the power tools market that they’re branding it something that makes the impossible, possible. That’s quite a statement, and clearly a little hyped, but we get where they’re coming from. To launch these two products together, they’re clearly aiming to make a splash. Not satisfied with simply introducing a 60V power source, at the same time we get brushless operation too – not something anyone saw coming. It’s no coincidence that they chose to show off the mitre and table saws either – they’re the big guns when it comes to construction sites around the world, not just the key US and UK markets.

While the 60V announcement was impressive – there’s an additional small detail that some may have missed – in use charging. With a specially designed adaptor, you can now charge the battery while it’s connected to the new range and in use. That’s a great solution to running flat, as anyone that has worked on sites knows that you always realise you forgot to charge the spare too late – now it’s simply a case of the battery charging as you’re using your tools – a great yet simple improvement.

More when we get it on the new models – that’s it for now though, but here’s a quick look at each tool from YouTube…